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Hearts in Action

Tiffany Allison

Founder & President

Victim Rights Advocate Domestic Violence Survivor

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Find your inner power by helping others

Victim: Repeat Offenders Need Stiffer Penalties


To create change we must speak and acknowledge how violence effects our communities, our families and our lives. The most dangerous element in society is ignorance. This is not a man's or woman's issue. This is a human rights issue. 

Violence doesn't discriminate. It is important that we recognize that victims are unwilling participants of crime.  Devote an afternoon to assist a victim of domestic violence move to a safe new home and see first-hand the victims and families we help daily.

Locally, nationally and internationally, Soaring Hearts Foundation is a vocal advocate for victims of violent crime. We travel to every corner of the globe to help victims in need of assistance and educate communities on the victim experience.

Our Outreach team needs your help immediately. To create change we must speak and acknowledge how violence affects our communities, our families and our lives. Act! Make your contribution of time or money now.

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.   Soaring Hearts Foundation devotes its energy to passionately advocating for victims of violent crime. Victims are often unrepresented members of our global family. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through action: Speak out, get involved or make a donation.


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Loren Merkle

Director of Finance

Financial Strategist

Cash Flow Manager

Let’s put an end to violence world-wide!

Ellie Van Dam

Youth Motivational Speaker

Domestic/Dating Violence

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